Water Clock for a Hopeful Heart (By the time this vessel breaks, you will be in my arms)
by Lydia Cheshewalla

Unfired Ceramic (Greenware), Water, Time, Us
Dimensions Variable

How to use this ritual

This vessel is made from clay that has not been fired in a kiln - a stage in which the vessel is referred to as greenware, indicating that the clay has not become water proof through the process of firing. A clepsydra, or a water clock, is an older way of measuring time based on the flow of liquid in or out of a container.

This water clock for a hopeful heart is meant to measure the time between now and when we can be reunited with ones that we love - and even more broadly, between now and a future-now filled with greater love, kinship, and reciprocity.

To hasten the time between distances (apart&together) one need only add water. The more you add, the faster the vessel will deteriorate, bringing about the intention of this ritual.

What if "to break" simply means "to overflow"? Love is abundant.